Friday, October 17, 2014

Do it like an IT girl, Halloween costume ideas!

Trick, Treat or IT!

Do it like an IT girl, Halloween costume ideas!

Halloween está just around the corner y todos sabemos lo que esto significa…

Y es justo y necesario que tengas un disfraz that speaks for itself, ya que todos sabemos que es un #EPICFAIL si tienes que explicarlo para que la gente sepa quién eres…

Being the good soul that I am les traigo una lista de los mejores referentes to get some inspiration from. Por que quiénes mas que las IT GIRLS del fashion world saben como stand out from the crowd y robarse todo el spotlight?, y Halloween is no exception.

So here´s my PSA on Halloween, you can thank me later.

How about something Tim Burton-ish como Adriana Lima as the sexiest corpse bride ever?

O el infalible Playboy Bunny?, brought to you by Alessandra

Hef would be proud!

How about some goth glam?, a lo Morticia Addams…

Jacquelyn Jablonski brings the greek mythlogy back as a DIY Medusa.

You cant never go wrong con some 90s nostalgia. Here´s miss pinterest life Lauren Conrad channeling “Baby one more time” Britney.

Continuando con el vintage vibe, here´s Poppy as Margot Tenenbaum.

THUNDERCATS, THUNDERCATS, THUNDERCATS OHHHHHH!, Joan Smalls brings out her inner feline.

 Also, Candice como Merlina Addams.

Mary Kate Olsen as a bohemian moon.

Un Halloween classic with an IT girl twist, Daria as an ethereal ghost.

Wayne´s World power duo brought to you by Agyness & Alexa.

Looking for some power couple costume?, Los newlyweds Adam y Behati steam it up con su Eyes Wide Shut costume

Como vimos anteriormente you cant never go wrong as Britney, or as a Disney villain, justamente como Constance y Elsa. 

Venetian Carnival elegance anyone?, sure Abbey Lee, here you go.

Y last but not least…

Do it like Bambi, and go LIKE A VIRGIN!

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